Steps to Business Financing (loan, grant)

The process of seeking financing (loan, grant) for business includes 5 stages:

Stage N1: Assessing the needs of the interested business party and diagnosing its financing possibilities (ie, finding out how much it is possible to find a loan and/or a grant).

Stage N2: Search for funding sources (donor, bank) corresponding to the needs of the business and assessment of the relevance of their products (if the product of the donor/bank meets the needs of the business).

Stage N3: Agreement on the terms of cooperation with the founder or head of the business and signing of the agreement on "Seeking Financing".

Stage N4: Making a business model (business plan) and/or a grant application: research, analysis, statistical data collection, document creation (according to the standard required by a specific bank or donor).

Stage N5: Submission of an application for financing (grant, loan) and active communication/lobbying with financing organizations (bank, donor).

Terms of cooperation:

✓ The management company GGM works on finding financing (grant, loan) for the business if the business is active (or it is a new project of the existing business) and the required grant budget is 100,000 GEL, the loan budget is more than 500,000 GEL.

✓ Management company GGM will receive payment only if the customer's business is financed (grant and/or loan).

Success in numbers:

With the support of GGM, 28 projects were financed with a total of 92,822,042 GEL.
Among them:

Grant: 4,028,303 GEL
Cheap loan: 31 563 236 GEL
State guarantee: 33 999 790
Loan from financial institutions: 23 230 713

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