Investment Attraction Models

Possible models and tools for investment search:

Investment model N1: the investor invests in a specific business without participation in management.
Investment model N2: the investor is involved in the management of the company/project along with financing the business.

Investment term/condition: the investment can be termed (conditional), i.e. the investor gives the company the right to redeem the business (for example: if an investment of USD 5,000,000 is made in December 2023, the founder of the business receiving the investment can receive a business share back USD 5,500,000 from the investor on January 1, 2025).

Investment guarantee conditions: business share, bank/insurance guarantee.
Investment budget: from $100,000 - $50,000,000 The full cycle of investment partnership negotiations is managed by the GGM team: project evaluation, business model creation, negotiation with investors, contract signing, reporting.

GGM receives compensation only in the case of attracted investment (% of the investment budget agreed upon by the parties in advance).

Success in numbers: As of August 1, 2023, with the support of the GGM team, 5 business projects were financed by individual investors, including 3 Georgian citizens. GGM has partners, 7 Georgian and 2 foreign individual investors who are ready to finance projects with a total budget of 30 million.

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