Crisis Management Tools in Business

Basic crisis management tools in business:

1. Based on the diagnosis of the business (company, project) in crisis, developing an executable plan for bringing the business out of the crisis.
2. Thinking of models for better use of business assets in crisis and making decisions (product improvement, sale of part of the asset, change of raw materials, change of sales channels, change of business profile, strengthen the team, etc.).
3. Grouping of obligations of businesses in crisis according to priorities. Individual negotiation with debtors and involving them in the process of getting the business out of the crisis.
4. Identifying the financial resources needed to bring the business out of the crisis and finding financing (investment at the first stage, and then a loan in partnership with a financial institution).
5. Managing the business recovery process: making and implementing decisions within the strategic plan agreed with the business founder.

The management company GGM will receive payment only if the crisis in the business is overcome and the company continues to operate stably.

Success in numbers: With the support of the GGM team, until August 1, 2023, 7 large business projects came out of crisis. Among them, 5 construction projects, 1 mineral mining company, 1 enterprise. At the current stage, the GGM team is working to bring 3 construction projects, 4 medical institutions, 3 enterprises and one tourism company out of crisis.

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