Corporate Fundraising Stages

Corporate fundraising (loan, grant, investment) process includes 7 stages:

Stage N1: Signing of the corporate fundraising agreement, which reflects the companies belonging to the corporate business partner and the projects for which GGM is working on fundraising.
Stage N2: Assessing the existing financing sources of the corporate business (what loans it has, on what terms, etc.) and searching for better opportunities.
Stage N3: Making business models/grant applications (where possible) for new corporate business directions and needs: research, analysis, data collection, document creation (according to the standard required by a particular bank or donor).
Stage N4: Communication with banks, investment funds, donors, investors in order to replace the existing financing of the corporate business with a better one, and/or to find new financing (depending on the possibility: loan, grant, investment).
Stage N5: Lobbying of applications submitted for corporate business financing, involvement in review processes, clarification of issues as necessary, submission of additional documents and protection of corporate business partner's interests in the process of signing the financing agreement.
Stage N6: After seeking financing, on behalf of the corporate business partner, agreeing the issues with banks, donors, investment funds and sending reports according to the standard (format, language, deadlines) as required by investment funds and donors.
Stage N7: Continuous research, analysis of financing opportunities (grant, low-cost loan, investor) in Georgia and abroad and offer of a grant, loan, investment useful to the corporate business partner (for example: as soon as the opportunity to receive a grant for the purchase of enterprise equipment appears, GGM will offer this opportunity partner enterprise).

GGM receives payment in the format of cooperation with portfolio companies, only in case of money resources (grant, loan, investment) raised for the portfolio company.

Success in numbers: As of July 1, 2023, GGM provides corporate fundraising services to 13 companies. Among them: 5 construction companies, 2 enterprises, 3 companies operating in the field of services (tourism, medicine), 3 business associations.

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