GGM undertook management of a Food Company

GGM undertook management of a restaurant “Batumarani’’, located at №111, V.Gorgasali Street, in Batumi, Georgia.

After engaging into management:

✓ Have been created a food company development concept and action plan;

✓ Strategic objective was defined as increasing revenue, as well as profitability by 50%, compared to the same period of the last year;

✓ Has been implemented rebranding of a restaurant;

✓ Has been carried out a recruitment process;

✓ Has been developed a marketing strategy;

✓ Has been provided a risk management strategy;

In all of Ajara, Batumarani’s large and well stocked wine cellar offers a wide range of locally produced wine and chacha, available for consumption on site, or able to be purchased to take home.

You are welcome to taste the cuisine of mountainous Ajara and other international dishes as well. All are a fascinating mélange of ingredients and preparations that will excite your palate!

 Batu means Batumi and marani means wine cellar, your choice in Batumi!