5 Models of Investing in Business

In cooperation with GGM, the following business investment opportunities, instruments and guarantees are considered:

N1. Both Georgian and foreign citizens can invest in a business operating in Georgia.
N2. In cooperation with GGM, it is possible to invest up to $30,000,000 (within one or several projects).
N3. One investor (individual or company) can simultaneously be an investor of several businesses.
N4. 7 different tools for guaranteeing the invested amount are used in practice (according to the investor's request). For example: real estate security, bank/insurance company guarantee, business/company share security, business partnership, etc.
N5. Investment cooperation begins with the signing of an agreement between the investor and GGM, within the framework of which the GGM team searches for the desired business for the investor, conducts negotiations, makes an assessment and completes the process by signing an investment agreement between the investor and the business founder.

The management company GGM will receive payment only if the investment negotiation has ended with a result, that is, the agreement on the implementation of the investment has been signed and the first part of the investment has begun to be implemented (the cost of GGM's services is determined by agreement with the customer).

Success in numbers: with the support of the GGM team, in the period until August 1, 2023, 19 business projects were invested in various models (investors: financial institutions, individuals).

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