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Project History

Management company GGM purchased a plot of land in Keda municipality, Ajara, Georgia to build a Dried Fruit Enterprise in September 2019, construction of the enterprise began in August 2020 and was completed in February 2021. After test mode, dried fruits production is available for sale on the Georgian market since December, 2021. Products have been exported in the fall of 2022.

KERKI enterprise produces five types of products: dried fruit, tklapi (fruit leather), candied fruit, nuts, candle-shaped candy Churchkhela.

The products appear in both Georgian and export markets under the name "Kerki". KERKI - It is an old Georgian word, which is still used in several regions of Georgia and means sun-dried berries. 

The total investment is $ 700,000. Currently, there are 35 people employed at the enterprise.

Project Support, Donor and Partner Organizations:

Rural Development Agency (RDA);

USAID-Agriculture Program (CNFA Georgia);

EU (ENPARD / Keda Leader);

Ministry of Agriculture of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, Agroservice Center;


The project is implemented by GGM subsidiary: KERKI Ltd.