High Tech Health Care Project


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Search for Investment

Project History

The management company GGM team has uccessfully managed the entire process of preparinga business project and finding cheap financial resources for a large business group operating in Georgia.

The business project is being implemented in a very important and necessary field of healthcare in Georgia. (Oncological diseases diagnosis with high-tech equipment).

GGM's task was to develop a business model, make research and analytical work,search for necessary funding and managing the full cycle of finding preferential (cheap) resources.

The project was presented to the financial institutions and a plan for finding preferential (cheap) resources was developed.

The project was reviewed for 70 days at three financial institutions and finally, by November 2020, the decision to finance the project was made by one of the Banks in Georgia. At the same time, the project was included in the program for access to cheap resources (% of the loan Co-financing).

Total project budget - $ 3.5 million.