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GGM to Provide Project Management Support to “Baraka Group”

Baraka Group has been a functional wheat and bran processing factory in Adjara since 2005 producing 22,500 tons of wheat and bran annually. Determined to expand, the company has decided to implement international and modern production standards. In order to implement such standards, Baraka Group knew they needed proper building and financial resources to support this new, strategic direction.

GGM has stepped in to oversee business project management with oversight in several directions:

✓Managing the expansion of the property and overall production area of the factory;

✓Financial development in securing investors under the business plan for the program “Produce in Georgia”

✓Involvement in the process of investment project preparations, presentations, and negotiating processes with governmental and banking sectors

Upon the factory’s physical expansion, production is expected to increase to 35,000 tons annually. This expansion is essential to working towards preparing products to export internationally. Upon successful implementation of the project, the Adjara region is expected to receive 5 million GEL from taxable profits over 2 years.

Note: GGM has fully fulfilled its obligations, however, due to health problems, the project was suspended by the company founder.