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GGM to Manage Company Andesite-Dacite Quarry License

As of March 2018, GGM has taken over management responsibilities of Andesite-Dacite Quarry. This quarry is focused on the process and production of natural stone, operating since 2001. Despite efforts and operations, production has not exceeded artisanal and locally made profits.

In 2016, this quarry obtained a mining license to extract 135,000 cubes of Andesite-Dacite, but due to lack of experience and managerial skills, the original management team has been unable to begin this larger production.

Upon GGM taking on management responsibilities, the team has developed a strategic plan driving the company forward with two strategic directions:

✓ Finding a buyer interested in natural minerals produced in the quarry, which will take the lead in developing the company’s production and increasing its strength and presence in the industry

✓ Environmental analysis to seek additional opportunities within the quarry, expanding the quarry’s production portfolio. This may include the production of facing stones, sand, and gravel.

GGM has fully accomplished the task. The project management team found the product purchaser, have agreed on the price, terms and conditions and signed the purchase agreement.